BI-Trapez Bearing 20 mm


Bi-trapezoidal bearings isolate structure-borne noise and vibrations to a high degree. They consist of quality-controlled elastomer based on the synthetic rubber ethylene-propylene-diene copolymer (EPDM). 


  • Easy editing
  • Allows the absorption of high loads

Dimensioning for storage class 2 according to DIN 4141 part 3:
Permissible mean compressive stress perm. Σm: 5 N / mm²
Existing bearing deflection with permissible σ existing Δt: 9,5 mm
Permissible horizontal shear deformation perm. U: 8 mm
Optimal stat. Load range 2,5 - 5 [N / mm²]

10 m with 1 predetermined breaking point
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