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Fire protection

Fire protection with SHERPA Fire Stop 2,5
Since 2012, we have developed new solutions for practical fire protection for our SHERPA connectors as part of numerous tests.

Specifically, we can guarantee fire resistance R30 (single layer) and R60 (double layer) for the concealed and visible connection variant. The Fire Stop 2.5 is used in one or two layers for the visible, screwed-on connection. The fire protection laminate swells at 150°C and protects the aluminium of the connector plates from direct exposure to high temperatures.

If the connection is milled into the main or secondary beam, the joint width may be up to 5 mm without additional protective measures being required.

The fire protection laminate is applied to the wood surface around the SHERPA connector and swells at 150°C.
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Sherpa Fire Stop 2,5

SHERPA Fire Stop 2,5

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